When a builder starts a renovation project in your home, the usual process is to create plans, price and get ready to start work. If it is a build job, this may have foundations to dig, and walls to build.

But as usual the painting and decorating contractors are last in to finish off. The painters and decorators Horndean would usually get a specification of colours, finishes and wall coverings from either the homeowner or architect to finish off a home ready for use.

Let’s talk about paint types and what to use, nowadays white walls and ceilings are very much in demand, as is greys and light creams. Only the other day we were finishing off a project in a gardenia walled house, which had grey flooring and white ceilings with lots of stunning lights and finishing touches. It looked fantastic once the project was finished.

All the trends do go full circle, only ten years ago magnolia was all the rave, now we have just gone past the grey couloured walls and heading back to the good old gardenia! And it works very well with grey curtains, kitchens and flooring, whether this be laminate or carpets.

Builders across Hampshire take on various building related projects, and supply the decorators both to commercial and residential clients are in fantastic hands knowing the painting and decorating finishing will be completed to the highest standard.

Painting is the last job on a builders project, but we don’t mind as we get to see the finished style and trend. And we love seeing the finish!