Every property on the outside is different, some are new buildings and others are old buildings, some are listed and some are in-between. But all have similar paint products that are used to keep the outside looking fresh and clean, and of course protected from the weather all year round.

If your home is located by the sea, the sea air may contribute to the outside becoming more decayed that usual. But if you are based in a heavy traffic city like Portsmouth, London or Birmingham, then your outside may become more dirty from car and bus fumes.

What paints do you suggest?

As an exterior painter & decorator in Waterlooville, I really enjoy using Dulux Weathershield products. The have water based, oil and solvent based products that all last from four to ten years. If you are painting masonry surfaces, two to three coats get the best return, the same goes for using gloss or satin products, all need priming, two undercoats and one or two top coats to finish. For best results always read the label or specification sheet of the paint used.

All exterior paints are specially formatted to work correctly outside, therefore no internal paints can be used outside. The same goes for fillers too, there are brickwork and wood fillers made purely to work outside and with the elements.

In the UK nowadays, the weather is forever changing. We don’t seem to get a summer season when we think, and a winter when we expect to wrap up warm. Therefor, keeping your exterior to pristine comes down to area, paints, and how you upkeep your property.

Our promise

Our promise to our customers is that we also do a great job, are trustworthy and always use the correct products that work with your property. To give you a long lasting result, that we know you’ll be proud of.

Next time you need any painting and decorating completed, think Bird Property Services!